Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Abstractions/Palette Knife Paintings/Visual Love


 These painting are born of fierce need and burning passion. Riding a wave of sudden inspiration I gladly jumped down the "Rabbit Hole" to see where it would go... And found love along the way...

It all started rather innocently one day. As an art project for my little granddaughters I thought it would be fun for them if I showed them how they could paint with a pallette knife. They, of course, created a grey muddy mess, but after scraping down the canvas and giving it a shot myself I found that I had arrived at something unique, different from anything I had done before, wholey abstract and yet evocative of something deeper, with it's own inner psychology. Hmm, I thought, this deserves deeper study.

Sentinels    2021


My second painting in this "new" style attempted something else. I had some vague impressions in mind as I painted, remaining essentially abstract, and yet evocative of a subject. It felt as though I had stubled upon a means of painting the feelings of the thing, rather than the thing itself.


Tumbling Sisters    2021


And then I fell in love and all these feelings and desires came pouring out. In a rush of inspiration I struggled to try and keep up with my sudden need to fill blank spaces with impressions from beyond myself, a way of outpainting myself, not limited by ANYTHING.


What Love Feels Like    2021

Love Pours Out Onto The Ineffable Carpet    2021    

The Ecstasy of St. Lenora    2021

La Dance du Soir    2021

La Primavera    2021

DiVinyl    2021

Excavation    2021


Pensive 2021

Catulus 2021

The Firebird 2021

Making a Meal of Me 2021

Possession 2021

Lenora & Cat-tastrophe 2021 (unfinished)

Self-portrait 2022


Lenora & CAT-tastrophe

Lenora in Gold with Flowers

Miss America!