Thursday, December 21, 2017


In the fall of 1998 my wife Bassia and I decided to move to Greece - she to learn the language and I to paint and hopefully join the American art school I had seen operating on the Island of Paros. We set out with way too much stuff - arrived on the docks of Paros with a literal mountain of baggage. We found our way and unfortunately our time there was all to brief, we never wanted to leave, but the EU was under way and so we could not stay.

We were there for about a year - three month, then a break of three months in Israel and Turkey, then a final six months before heading off to settle in Tz'fat, Israel. Because we had thought to make
Greece our home - we fell in love with it honestly, those months and days were precious to us. We squeezed the goodness from each day. I had a show at the old schoolhouse in the little town of Naousa, in the north of the island. the best of the show was unfortunately not photographed - before the days of digital archives (or more likely I just hadn't caught up) I'm including quite a few of the drawings I did in Greece. I think that they provide something of a portrait of the time.

cove, limanaki
milos avrami
piso levadi
the bay of Naousa
chapel in Parikia (watercolor)
Parikia, sunrise
a view toward the sea
piso livadi
fading light
Poet by the sea
donkey, two goats, dovecote
two birds
cove, limanaki
tree with view of Kolumbithes