Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hollywood Night

My use of photography differs markedly from the Pop artists, who also appropriated images, in that my work tends towards the mysterious and the transcendent. The Hollywood show grew out of several things coming together. I had been working on these murky mysterious Hollywood portraits, trying to get to something indefinable. I had prepared several to a certain point, when my wife (once again!) intervened and said “don’t touch them! I want to do a fashion show with these painting decorating the runway.” We approached Darla the owner of an exclusive clothing boutique in San Miguel de Allende and she was thrilled by the idea of a “Hollywood Night.” “Spend an evening with the Stars,” we said. And so it was.

Marlene  Dietrich
Hedy Lamaar
Elizabeth Taylor
Bette Davis
Clara Bow
Louise Brooks
Marlene Dietrich
Veronica Lake