Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dreams of the King

Dreams of the King

The experience of freedom while painting my latest abstractions is intoxicating. I employ a number of surrealist techniques, hence the series title: Dreams of the King -- these images come from a place deeper than conscious thought; they tease the mind with suggestions of mysteries behind the curtain.

The Dreams of the King  refers to those dreams which freed our brother Yoseph, who knew their language. When Heaven speaks to Earth one needs an Angel to give voice to the ineffable.With these paintings I weave my bridges beyond the gates of reason.

The methods of painting are also rooted in surrealist automatic drawing techniques. Starting each painting with a stick of charcoal in my hand and my eyes literally closed as I "feel out" the way towards the finished painting.

The colors are applied in glazes, in a neutral state of intuition. I don't decide ahead of time which color will go where. It's more important to me that the colors "feels" right on an emotional level.

floods of origin

kingdoms of serenity
Each painting has it's own inner world or schema of feelings and forms. I set out to discover which forms will emerge from the gates of chaos. How will my innermost thoughts and feels find their way onto the canvas.

ineffable carpet

The lyrical titles of my abstractions are drawn from Rainer Maria Rilke's poetic words.This is a sort of found word method of titling which both suits the exploratory nature of the project and honors the surrealists cut and paste methods.