Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Meditations on Nature

I feel that I am righting a wrong with this latest post. As some of you may be aware I have been uploading a lot more photos of my work to the web-site, in order that more of it may be seen. I have been going through whatever digital records that I have and re-accessing some of my work. This show which at the time I titled "Mediations" - a wrong-footed title if ever there was one. I had thought to paint something which was not the thing but it's effect upon me, alla Mallarme. I'm not entirely sure if I ever reached that lofty and perhaps overly ambitious goal. But I do know that no one knew the name of the show, everyone misread it as Meditations, and so now, after some fourteen years, I bring to you "Meditations on Nature".

Nana's tree (oil on paper)
wild horses I (oil on paper)
wild horses II (oil on paper)
maple red
birches in yellow
forest blue
golden forest (dyptich)
golden forest (left side)
golden forest (right side)
live oak

nana's tree
the horse-field tree