Wednesday, August 18, 2021



 These painting are born of fierce need and burning passion. Riding a wave of sudden inspiration I gladly jumped down the "Rabbit Hole" to see where it would go... 

And found love along the way...

The premiere motive was to convey something large in a relatively small space ie.: an 11" x 14" canvas made to seem grand. my artistic friend from the Opera said clever suggestion of movement. Wonderful comment, since move has long been a preoccupation of mine. But, in this instance I was after something else... Also a kind of way to paint the feeling of something rather than the thing itself...

The techniques are all new, something which facilitated the paintings freshness. I felt a sort of fearless,rare in my life. As if a really couldn't do anything wrong. This immediately brightened my already effulgent palette. I ran across the waves edge reaping what fruit I might at inspiration height. The results are these paintings.

David Bar-Chai


Sentinels    2021

Tumbling Sisters    2021

What Love Feels Like    2021

Love Pours Out Onto The Ineffable Carpet    2021

First three paintings side by side...

The Ecstasy of St. Lenora    2021

La Dance du Soir    2021

La Primavera    2021

DeVinyl    2021

Transmutation    2021

Excavation    2021