Sunday, December 10, 2017

Early Works

The earliest of the works included in this post date back to my time at Loyola University. I had discovered myself as an artist. It was an exciting time to be me (if one can say that without sounding pompous). Although I showed an immediate and marked talent for painting I really loved the whole process oriented work involved in making prints. The preciousness of them, the special papers, inks, stones, techniques.

guitar, music stand, streetlight
Audubon Park
After I moved to Los Angeles I wasn't able to continue with my printmaking activities but, after a summer in Sweden, my painting took off. I got my first taste of living as an artist, and once tasted I couldn't really give it up.

View From The Woods,

Houses in
Boat House,
Russian Bridge,
Back in L.A. I began to undertake more ambitious works, portraits, copies from the masters, the beginnings of my photo based works.

Hindu Women
Adoration Of The Trinity (after Dürer)